Do you ever wake up & think‚ there must be something more!?

You wake up every morning and go through the motions, checking items off your to-do list throughout the day. You succeed, you accomplish – heck, you have a great life! But something is missing. There is something lacking. And no amount of money, relationships, vacations or promotions seems to fill the void you feel inside. The things you are trying just aren’t working. You feel it just beneath the surface, you’re just not sure how to access it.

Or maybe you don’t even feel that void, and that’s the problem in itself.

You’re numb. You aren’t feeling much of anything. Your accomplishments, your successes – they may bring you momentary joy but then you’re numb again.

You wonder, “Am I depressed?”, and then immediately feel guilty for being unhappy when you have so much. But you can’t ignore the awareness that you aren’t fully living. You aren’t experiencing life in the way you thought you would.

You’re disconnected, you’re lost. And it’s time to wake up.

It’s time to wake up and remember who you are, what you want, and what’s possible. To take your life to the next level and remember that you have an infinite resource within you that contains all of the answers you seek, all of the clarity you crave. This resource, this deep sense of connection, is available to you at all times.

It’s time to allow yourself to feel peace, happiness, and freedom in your life. To live each day with a sense of purpose. To be connected to those around you, to create meaningful relationships, to be available for love.

Let’s now shake you awake, and come back to the remembrance that life is supposed to be filled with ease, flow and joy. Life is supposed to be a BLAST.

Are you ready to wake up and live it?


Meet Virginia note


Virginia Bunting is a Certified Holistic Life Coach and Reiki Master Practitioner who, over the past fifteen years, has served as a doula, childbirth educator, lactation educator, certified infant massage instructor and children’s meditation facilitator.

As a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Virginia now uses her skillset to create a safe environment for her clients to wake up and change their lives. She is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and Kundalini Yoga teacher, and is humbled to share these transformative technologies with others.

Virginia uses a warm and intuitive approach and has a gift of making her clients feel safe, calm and empowered. Her practices and principles are accessible, simple and life-changing for all those who experience her work.

So those are some of my credentials, but now let’s get personal.

Who am I without my titles?

First off, I am a Sassy Southern belle!


I’m a single mama, which has been both the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Family dance parties with my 3 young daughters happen on the regular (nothing gets toys picked up like playing a little Michael Jackson!) and daily afternoon tea parties with my girls are custom, our favorite way to reconnect.

I’ve been learning to fall in love with life and with myself, figuring out how to ride the ups and downs with grace and ease. And I believe that the same is possible for you, right now. You are perfect, and the answers you seek are already inside of you, just under the surface.

It is my passion, purpose and honor to help you remember them.



So the first thing you need to know is that I’m not your typical coach (did I mention, Sassy Southern Belle?!)

My experiences from over a decade of working as a birth coach, birthing 3 daughters in 4 years, mothering them, going through a divorce and meanwhile learning to love myself and my life through painful and challenging transitions provides a well of knowledge that I tap into when working with my clients. Finally landing in a place where I am grounded, happy and thriving regardless of what is going on externally has been my journey, and that is what I am always working towards with my Clients as well.

My approach is a balance of open-hearted communication and tough love.

My sessions might include my asking you a lot of important questions, challenging you to look within at the patterns and habits you are ready to change, guiding you through a meditation or visualization, breath work and laughter therapy, celebrating your successes with you and supporting you in setting goals and creating an action plan to implement them in your life.

With that being said…

  • Have you ever thought there must be more to life than this?
  • Are you wondering when the curveballs life keeps throwing are going to stop?
  • Do you lack the confidence and motivation to make tough but necessary changes in your personal life, your career, your spiritual path?

I help people like you move through life’s transitions with an effortless ease. Connect to your self. Relax. Feel less stress. More joy.

If you are truly ready to wake up, there are a few different ways that we can work together one-on-one:

Spark Session

The Spark Session is for you if you are ready to make a change in your life starting today. This session is meant to be the catalyst for you to refresh your life and change things around. Perhaps you have felt stuck in an area of your life and are ready to clear the patterns that have been keeping you there. Or perhaps there is a specific belief or behavior that no longer serves you that you are ready to rid of completely. This 75-minute session will bust through your blocks, identify patterns, and create a game plan to change your life.

What you’ll get:

  • A complete Initial Assessment that will identify what areas of your life have been blocked from joy, what’s been standing in your way, and we will begin to wake you up to the joy, clarity and connection within
  • Goal-Setting and action plans
  • Detailed session notes including personal resource list and book suggestions when appropriate
  • Customized life map

1-Month Flame

Commit just one month to your growth and enjoy quick and powerful results. We will meet one-on-one via phone for three 45 minute sessions to launch you into living the life you are dreaming about. This package is for you if you have anything in your life that you are ready to sort out, gain clarity around and execute a plan to achieve.

What you’ll get:

  • Three 45-minute sessions
  • Email support between sessions
  • Customized homework
  • Detailed session notes including personal resource list and book suggestions when appropriate

3-Month Activation

If you are wanting additional support to continue to break pre-existing thought patterns, wake up, tune in, and begin to live the life you love, then the Activation is for you. At the end of these three months, you will feel grounded, confident and “lighter” and you will have tools and strategies to use everyday to keep you there. You will feel connected and courageous, with an absolute clarity of purpose. This package is an opportunity to refresh and reinvent your life.

What you’ll get:

  • Bi-weekly (6 total) 45-minute sessions
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • 10 minute laser coaching phone sessions between sessions
  • Customized homework
  • Detailed session notes including personal resource list and book suggestions when appropriate

Ready to Activate?


Private Reiki energy healing sessions are also available by appointment.

I have other packages and options for working with me which can be tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Have any questions? Want to chat? Schedule a free 20-minute Getting to Know You call and fill out a brief questionnaire to get started!



During a difficult transition in my life, I began practicing Kundalini Yoga and was immediately captivated by the rapid and transformative power of the practice. Since that time, I have woven the principles throughout my life – be it in my early morning yoga and meditation practice (sadhana), a breathing exercise at a stoplight, or singing mantra with my daughters. Now, as a K.R.I. Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher, I am humbled to share this technology with others. My teachings are accessible and easy to implement, and will take you beyond the physical aspects of yoga, allowing you to connect with your truth.

Awaken your spirit and discover your true potential!

That’s exactly what Kundalini Yoga does.

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. This technology combines breath and movement to strengthen the nervous system, balance to glandular system, open the heart and purify the blood among other things. The balance that it brings to body, mind and soul helps you to feel uplifted and connected. I feel so grateful to have found this path at a time when I needed to learn how to navigate the stresses of daily life in a healthy and fulfilling way. It is a journey of self-discovery that you just have to experience for yourself.

Ignite sessions: $100

These private Kundalini yoga and meditation classes last 60 minutes and are tailored for your specific goals. Sessions will begin with the use of mantra to tune in to ourselves. We will also use breath work to calm and center our bodies. A kriya, or a set of Kundalini Yoga exercises, will follow. Deep relaxation, meditation and hands-on Reiki treatments should be expected as well.

Ignite sessions are available live in Birmingham, Alabama at your location or mine or virtually via Skype from any location.

ready toignite?

If you have any questions, please reach out!

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100% of the proceeds from the stickers will go to support the Alzheimer’s Association. Their mission is “to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease for the advancement of research; to provide an enhanced care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.”

Pick up your sticker at these participating yoga studios:

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Would your studio or business like to participate? Contact me.

$3.00 donation suggested


One of the common threads that I often notice with my clients is a lack of connection with like-minded people, feeling alone on their journey. Group coaching is a perfect solution to this, as it brings those who are working on similar issues together in community, providing support, accountability and wisdom of the collective. It is an intimate space, focused on goal setting, deepening awareness, taking action, and accountability. Many lifetime friendships are formed in these groups.

Group Programs

Group programs will take place via teleconference, video chat, or via live small group sessions.

40-day illumination: $49

It takes 40 days to break a habit, so this group program is designed to take place over a 40 day period, allowing you to fully integrate to desired outcome into your life. Some of the topics covered in this group program include: work/life/family balance, body image, self love, improving relationships, discovering your passion, having more fun, handling anxiety and stress and creating a simpler, more organized life. Group coaching is both a virtual and in-person modality.

What you’ll get:

  • 4 group teleconferences that will be recorded
  • Private Facebook group where participants can interact with each other, be laser-coached by me and share goals and support
  • Unlimited email support between group calls
  • Weekly emails with meditation, relaxation & stress relief tips and tools
  • One 20-minute private check-in with me
ready to illuminate?


Workshops will take place live in Birmingham, and will range from 2-hour seminars to half-day intensives. Workshops might include movement, meditation, centering practices, etc.

Sample Workshop topics will range and may include:

  • Waking up to your true potential
  • Creating passion in your relationships
  • Couple and group meditations
  • Reinventing your daily routine
  • Incorporating Kundalini practices into your every day
  • No more numbing: mindful eating principles
  • Deeper connection in all of your relationships

Check out my Upcoming Events for information on my next Illumination Program or Workshops.


Speaking to groups is one of my favorite things to do, as it offers me a unique opportunity to educate, connect and inspire. I am available to speak to clubs and organizations, corporations, schools or private events. Sample speaking topics include:

Depressed or Just Numb?

I can help your audience figure out the root cause of their unhappiness and learn tools and techniques to get themselves out of it

From Breakdown to Breakthrough

Mindset Shift: learn to see challenging experiences as opportunities for growth

Tapping Into Your Most Passionate Self

It’s there. Just beneath the surface. Let’s have fun digging deep and uncovering it!

Living a Life of Purpose, on Purpose

Would you like to figure out your life purpose and LIVE IT?

Check out Upcoming Events for information on my upcoming speaking engagements or Reach Out for more information on how to book me for your next speaking gig.


“The corporate world is uninspiring and unfulfilling!”

“I live for the weekends and vacation!”

“I wish I could just quit!”

Sound familiar?! These are the feelings I’m hearing it more and more from so many in the corporate world. They are tired, they are stressed, and they are unhappy. They feel that their work is just that… work! These are not the attributes of a strong team, or a strong company.

The problem stems from feeling a lack of integration between work and life. A lack of balance. This is concerning because we need people working within the corporate environment to be living a life of purpose and feel happy, content, balanced and ALIVE.

That’s where I come in.

The employee-coach relationship is founded in the spirit of partnership, collaboration and alliance. My role is not to push a preset agenda or script, but to engage the employee at his or her state of “readiness to change” and proceed to educate, empower and promote self-efficacy. In congruence with the theory of Self Determination, employees are encouraged to outline their own personal goals and the steps they feel ready to take in working toward those goals. I function as a supportive guide, source of accountability and expert resource to steer the direction of change and maximize the likelihood for success.

I know how to inspire, engage and empower employees to take control of their health and wellness.

My programs, seminars and workshops engage, educate and motivate and include easy to implement tips and advice, and can be customized and personalized based on your organization’s specific needs. Modalities used will include: stress relief, laughter yoga, team building, trust exercises.

Reach Out today for more information.


“Working with Virginia is like being given your own magic wand!”

I am so grateful to have worked with many people who have now woken up and are living lives that they absolutely love. A few love notes are below.

For two decades I’ve tried every migraine cure I could find including doctors, medications and acupuncture. Then I met Virginia and she did her Reiki energy work for me. I am migraine-free for the first time in my adult life. And I feel more calm, alert and happy with each session. Virginia is a gifted, intuitive, compassionate healer and guide. Give yourself the gift of working with her. She has my highest recommendation – SIX stars! – Lee Irwin
Working with Virginia on Skype really helped me clarify my thinking during a pivotal and difficult transition. One of the things I like best about working with Virginia is that she is a great listener, but she also gives me simple actionable suggestions I can use throughout my day, like specific breathing techniques or phrases to focus on. A more Western, conservative approach to coaching just wasn’t quite enough for me, and Virginia’s ability to integrate practical advice with the spiritual side of life has made a big difference for me. – Elizabeth Hunter
Virginia creates a comfortable space, free of judgement, and uses her compassion, intuition, education & life experiences to guide her clients into a deeper understanding of their true selves. Goals are achieved and life is purposeful! – Caroline Taylor
Virginia’s laugh is contagious. She is considerate, loving, nurturing and caring and seems to effortlessly open up her heart to all and serve those in need. For a number of years I have witnessed her generosity and love with myself and others, and I have always wondered how she has the time to bake cookies for a friend, raise her 3 lovely girls, assist someone in a time of need, attend a yoga class and still find a moment to give you a great big hug. Her willingness to share and love each moment is felt by all in her presence. Through her skillful coaching she enhances the lives of other. If you have a chance to play, be healed or have a hug by Virginia take it. – Akasha Ellis
Virginia coached me during the birth of all three of my daughters and was the peaceful and gentle spirit that empowered me to embrace my labor and births with confidence and grace. Although I initially hired her as my birth coach, or Doula, she quickly took on more of a life-coaching role, guiding me through the many changes associated with pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. When you are in her presence, it’s as though there are no issues too big or too daunting to handle. I will always regard Virginia as a guide, a mentor, and a dear friend. – Krista Jones
To truly be a vessel for healing energy, a practitioner needs to be clear, and that is what truly makes a session with Virginia so powerful. Her work does not begin and end in the session. She has a strong spiritual practice that keeps her in tune with the healing energies within herself and others, allowing a pure form of light energy to flow. Her strong intuition is another gift that guides her work. This intuition guides her hands to know exactly which areas of the physical and energetic body need balancing and healing. At the end of a session, I feel rested, refreshed, clear and calm. I often have revelations or shifts days or weeks later and looking back I can always trace it back to a session with Virginia. It is subtle work, but powerful and transformative. Highly recommended! – Kerry Wingo

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